How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Record? 

Are you currently facing charges for driving under the influence (DUI)? Are you thinking about how a DUI charge can impact your life down the line? A lot of people who are facing a DUI charge the first time aren’t certain of what steps to take to alleviate the lasting effects it has on their record.  

Lucky for you, we’re here to help. The best thing you can do if you’re facing DUI charges is to hire Fort Myers DUI lawyers. This is especially true if you don’t know what to do. 

What Does It Mean if You have DUI on Your Record? 

This greatly depends on your state. In several states, an employer might not care if you’ve got a DUI charge on your record. However, this can be the opposite if you’re applying for something that is related to driving.  

Though a DUI conviction might appear on your driving record, employment background check, or criminal record, employers aren’t supposed to even think about it as grounds for not hiring you if the arrest happened more than a decade ago. Also, having a DUI on your record will greatly raise the cost of your car insurance.  

How Long would a DUI Stay on Your Record? 

You might probably be wondering how long would a DUI stay on your record. Well, the truth is that the answer greatly varies on the state you’re located in. Unfortunately, the answer to your question is a bit discouraging.  

In several states, a DUI charge permanently stays on the driving record. On the other hand, simply because it stays on your driving record permanently doesn’t mean that it carries the same effect every single time. A DUI charge on your record is only extremely impactful during the first 7-10 years of the arrest.  

After a couple of years and you didn’t have any DUI charges, the effect of DUI is somewhat alleviated.  

How Are Your Future Charges Affected? 

If you’re convicted of DUI again in the future, the penalty for a repeat offense is drastically improved. If you face a 2nd or 3rd DUI charge, you’ll have to face suspension of your license, pay a costly fine, spend a lot of time in jail, and much more. 

Because of this, it is crucial to treat your first DUI conviction as an extremely crucial matter. Working with a DUI lawyer is vital if you want to protect yourself down the line. Keep in mind that as your charges compile, your driving offense in the future becomes more serious.  

Getting Rid of DUI from Your Record 

In several states, drivers aren’t allowed to have DUI arrests expunged from the driving record. That is the sad truth.  

However, if you want to do it, you are allowed to have other misdemeanors expunged. You need to hire a professional defense attorney first before you can expunge any previous misdemeanor from your record.  

Facing a DUI charge alone can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. Because of this, hiring a DUI lawyer is your best bet.  


Different Types of Cannabis Products Emerging Today

Are you searching for ways to try legal marijuana but do not wish to use a joint? Here are some of the options you can have:

Cannabis dog treats

Are you curious whether you can provide cannabis to your pets or whether it’s safe or not? Well, the rule of thumb is to not provide your dog a pot cookie similar to a portion that humans take. Also, be careful of anything that contains a high concentration of THC. However, other companies are now playing with the idea of creating CBD and hemp products, particularly for pets.

Cannabis chocolate

Chocolates can now be sold to those people who are interested to try legal weed but want to use a more “sophisticated” way than hitting a joint. Moreover, it enables companies to try a more refined marketing campaign compared to what they can do with a gummy bear. With cannabis chocolate, you can feel great and luxurious as you consume a chocolate bar intended to get you high.

Cannabis beverage

Though cannabis is a form of beverage that has not attained the mainstream popularity that skincare/beauty products experience now, they are still gradually having more exposure. Cocktails mixed with cannabis are still newly established, which is mostly relegated and served to some bars in L.A. However, in the event the recreational use of marijuana becomes legalized in more states, this will surely be a potential trend that can quickly expand.

However, the one drink that’s most often provided CBD experiments is beer. Because of the addition of all the cannabinoids effects that were previously mentioned, the terpenes in cannabis provide distinct tastes and aromas.

Cannabis skin and beauty care products

CBD is claimed to contain anti-inflammatory properties because of the skin’s cannabinoid receptors. Other researchers also found out that it can potentially combat acne, and skincare/beauty products that contains cannabinoids are marketed as being capable of helping with hydration, pain relief, or simply just a relaxed and euphoric feeling.

The kind of cannabinoids your beauty products contain aid in determining the effects. Several f these products concentrate on the health benefits it gives and on CBD. However, others also contain more THC traces, which can be bought in your local dispensaries.

Cannabis oil

CBD oils contain extremely low levels of THC. Meaning, these oils will not provide you that elated feeling that’s a feeling that’s typically linked with marijuana. This way, one can possibly have the wanted effects—nausea relief, anxiety relief, pain relief, etc.—without experiencing psychoactive reactions.

Terpene oil, which you can use as itself, is available in different forms, and the bigger manufacturers that sell and produce them will provide different types of selection that you can choose from. One of the most typical forms of this is tinctures. You can also use a vape pen or e-liquid for this. CBD tinctures are used by dropping the concentrated CBD extract underneath your tongue and let it seep into your mouth. Capsule types as available as well, which you can consume with water like your normal pill.


Things to Know About Ceramic Coating for Cars

Ceramic coating is probably the option you’re looking for if you do not want to wax. The quartz or liquid polymer bonds with the paint of your vehicle and offers it a durable shine. In addition to that, it offers your vehicle greater protection, does not need a lot of trips to the car wash, and it is simple to maintain.

If it’s your first-time hearing this term, here are several things you need to know about ceramic coating Atlanta:

Car Age

The paint layer will age as your car ages. It is not recommended to utilize a ceramic coating on an old vehicle where the paint has become thin or is chipped. The car’s body might be damaged since the coating chemicals will interact with the bodywork.


A ceramic coating might be required depending on how much sun your car gets. This is particularly true for vehicles that get parked under direct sunlight. These vehicles will need the additional protection of a ceramic coating because of the damage caused by UV rays.

Level of Hardness

The ability of the paint to resist scratching and damage is called hardness. Because of this, your car will have better protection on its exterior if the coating has a high level of hardness.

Ease of Use

Easy application is one thing to consider when it comes to ceramic coating products. The reason for this is that not every car owner is a DIY expert. You will still be able to use a ceramic coating product even if you’ve got no skills or experience with coating. An excellent product should not need additional equipment or tools.


The ability of the coating to protect the body of your car from the day it was applied is called durability. A couple of premium ceramic coatings have a durability that can last for a lifetime. However, this will require maintenance. Excellent quality and affordable products will provide you around 2 up to 5 years of durability.


The combination of polymer and quartz is called hybrid coating. This type of coating is believed to be more durable and produces a protective shell around the car. That’s why it is considered as the best type. But, there is no proof that this type provides any additional protection.


By design, this type of coating is more durable compared to others. Silicon dioxide or quartz coatings offer high a level of hardness. The goal of this coating is to protect the car against scratches and debris. Even after years of wear and tear, this coating maintains its shiny look and fresh appearance.


Polymer or epoxy is a commonly utilized type of ceramic coating. It bonds with the car’s primary paint job. Since the polymer and the paint become a single layer, the bond will become permanent. It is more resistant to damage and is durable. Because of this, you cannot simply get rid of a ceramic coating layer. Polishing is one way to get rid of a polymer coating from your car.


What is a solar shade?

A solar shades main purpose is to help you get protected from the harmful rays of the sun putting this kinds of shades in your window helps you and provides you from a lot of benefits since it blocks the sun and heat from coming in it can also help you get the privacy that you want. Eclipse Solar shades has great benefits for you and your home plus it also looks good and can match the interior and exterior of your homes. It provides us with a long term savings because it protects us from health risk and helps us save from our energy bills.

Advantages of solar shades at home

1. Helps you save from and energy bills and conserve energy – the solar shade can help you save money from air-conditioning system during the hot days since it prevents and blocks the sun and its heat from coming inside your home so you get to have a better room temperature indoors. You get to save energy and its cost and feel very comfortable inside your homes

2. It will look good – since solar shades are very modern it will match any kinds of properties from residential to commercial. It has a lot of designs and colors that you can choose from and different sizes that can match your windows. It will definitely look good and attractive. Although this solar shades can cost a little bit more compared to just regular shade still it provides you benefits in the long run it is durable and will last for years.

3. Prevents health risk – the suns UV rays when exposed to our skin and body it can cause a lot of diseases from strokes to skin cancers that is why it is always important that we are protected from this harmful UV rays.

4. Provides privacy – instead of adding window tints or curtains having this shades can also provide us privacy from our neighbors and also it can provide us a clear view outdoors in case we need it since it is made with materials that is very easy to manipulate and use.

5. Protects our furniture and equipment – having this shades installed doesn’t only protect our health but also our furniture since too much heat and sun exposure can also cause discoloration and damage to all the things that we have at home. It can cause there life span to decreased.

6. It is easy to install and durable – unlike other protections that we can put in our windows to avoid heat and harmful glare from the sun this shades are very easy to install and use and is durable that can last for years.

7. Provides comfort – there are days that we want to relax. So using these shades can provide a dim feature that we want to achieve in our homes. It can provide us relaxation to the eyes and comfort to our body. Since it blocks irritating and harmful sun ray and can also provide a cool room temperature.