How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Record? 

Are you currently facing charges for driving under the influence (DUI)? Are you thinking about how a DUI charge can impact your life down the line? A lot of people who are facing a DUI charge the first time aren’t certain of what steps to take to alleviate the lasting effects it has on their record.  

Lucky for you, we’re here to help. The best thing you can do if you’re facing DUI charges is to hire Fort Myers DUI lawyers. This is especially true if you don’t know what to do. 

What Does It Mean if You have DUI on Your Record? 

This greatly depends on your state. In several states, an employer might not care if you’ve got a DUI charge on your record. However, this can be the opposite if you’re applying for something that is related to driving.  

Though a DUI conviction might appear on your driving record, employment background check, or criminal record, employers aren’t supposed to even think about it as grounds for not hiring you if the arrest happened more than a decade ago. Also, having a DUI on your record will greatly raise the cost of your car insurance.  

How Long would a DUI Stay on Your Record? 

You might probably be wondering how long would a DUI stay on your record. Well, the truth is that the answer greatly varies on the state you’re located in. Unfortunately, the answer to your question is a bit discouraging.  

In several states, a DUI charge permanently stays on the driving record. On the other hand, simply because it stays on your driving record permanently doesn’t mean that it carries the same effect every single time. A DUI charge on your record is only extremely impactful during the first 7-10 years of the arrest.  

After a couple of years and you didn’t have any DUI charges, the effect of DUI is somewhat alleviated.  

How Are Your Future Charges Affected? 

If you’re convicted of DUI again in the future, the penalty for a repeat offense is drastically improved. If you face a 2nd or 3rd DUI charge, you’ll have to face suspension of your license, pay a costly fine, spend a lot of time in jail, and much more. 

Because of this, it is crucial to treat your first DUI conviction as an extremely crucial matter. Working with a DUI lawyer is vital if you want to protect yourself down the line. Keep in mind that as your charges compile, your driving offense in the future becomes more serious.  

Getting Rid of DUI from Your Record 

In several states, drivers aren’t allowed to have DUI arrests expunged from the driving record. That is the sad truth.  

However, if you want to do it, you are allowed to have other misdemeanors expunged. You need to hire a professional defense attorney first before you can expunge any previous misdemeanor from your record.  

Facing a DUI charge alone can be extremely stressful and overwhelming. Because of this, hiring a DUI lawyer is your best bet.  

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